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Individuals, irrespective of gender, have to live their life abiding the laws of the nature. When they chose to defy the natural law either consciously or unconsciously, they invite repercussions in the form of diseases. Keeping healthy is not merely the state of being healthy, preventing diseases from attacking the body by building up our own immune system is our best defence and it is all what Ayurveda preaches about.

At Shri Kalyan Ayurvedashram, we treat all your long-term ailments and various such diseases by making you abide by the nature’s rules. Involving you in proper exercising routine to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul and leading you to follow a disciplined lifestyle with strict dietary regimes, is our Ayurvedic way of treating you.

Amongst our many concerns regarding implementing different ways to treat your ailments, strong emphasis is given on your immediate environmental surroundings. The effect of natural surroundings on an individual’s mind cannot be denied and thus, Shri Kalyan Ayurvedashram is built in way to stimulate your senses!

Shri Kalyan Ayurveashram includes a close-knit group of renowned Ayurvedic physicians. Our treatment methods strictly follow the age-old Ayurvedic practices as mentioned in the Ayurved literatures. Panchakarma being the paramount of Ayurvedic treatment methods is the centre of our diagnostic strategies. The method involves analysis of the three doshas or body humours to treat both curative as well as preventive ailments. The method also lays due emphasis on detoxification of the body by removing all the toxins in the body by eliminating the imbalanced doshas through therapeutic methodologies.

Coinciding with the views of Ayurvedic Medicine treatment, we also believe that, every individual is different; from their levels of imbalance in their doshas, their level of immunity to the severity of their ailments. They also have their own distinctive physical, mental and social state of minds.

We have patients not only from all over India but also from all over the world. We are a renowned group and the best prove to that is that most of our new customers are referrals from our existing satisfied customers. It is our whole and soul aim to provide ‘you’, our patients with an exclusive transformational healing journey.

It is our vision to promote the benefits of Ayurvedic science to every common man who is ailing. We are an enthusiastic team guided by some very efficient and experienced Ayurvedic practitioners. So, if you have decided to go the Aayurvedic way to deal with your illness, dial up the number of Shri Kalyan Ayurvedashram.

With our focus on holistic healing, we offer you the most authentic and genuine Ayurvedic treatments. Using the latest technologies, we deliver you both traditional as well as modern therapies under Ayurvedic norms and guidelines. All of our doctors are extremely qualified, experienced and most importantly, certified to practice Aayurvedic medicines. They not only have good knowledge but also have a lot of training experience. We at Sshri Kalyan Ayurvedashram has designed an extremely vigorous training module which helps our already experienced Ayurvedic physicians come out more seasoned. As the famous saying goes, 'Health is wealth', we take health of an individual very seriously and thus stop at nothing to provide you the best treatment plans.

Ayurveda is considered the mother of all healing arts! It is one of the oldest concepts, going back to almost five thousand years back. Though an old practice, since the introduction of modern medicine, presence of Ayurveda has been somewhat suppressed. It is our vision and aim to promote the natural benefits of Ayurveda and bring it in the limelight.

We provide treatments for various kinds of diseases like:

  • Piles

  • Lucoderma

  • Psoriasis

  • Obesity, only to name a few.

Through our treatments we aim to:

  • Promote Ayurvedic alternate treatment because it is the most natural way of treating your ailments.

  • To uplift your present health by guiding you in making healthy lifestyle tweaks like daily exercise routine, strict dietary plan etc.

We are equipped with:

  • A certified team of Ayurvedic physicians

  • A full-fleged Ayurvedic pharmacy

Our treatment is based on sound examination of each of our patients. Unlike many other clinics, we do no provide one single treatment for a particular ailment. We believe every patient is different and have their own distinctive needs. Therefore, we customize our medications and treatment methods pertaining to your specific needs and the ones that best suit you.

We strive harder each day to make your healing journey the most rewarding experience of your lives. In fact, we are proud to claim that we have surely achieved it. One of our clients who came in for leucoderma treatment, on her completion said, “My patches have improved a lot and today I feel confident that it is only a matter of time that they go away for good. What has really changed my mind set is the environment here; I have not only healed during the program but also have rejuvenated myself both mentally and physically.”

We suit up to the needs of every ailing individual. From affordable rates to variety of treatments we provide, you can be rest assured that, Shri Kalyan Ayurvedashram is one of the best Ayurvedic clinics in Delhi. It is not such that once you have finshed your treatment from our clinics, you are off from our books; instead we make it a point to keep in touch with each of our patients and regularly follow up on your improvement.
We want you to get in touch with us because we 'actually care'.

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