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Grey Hair & Baldness

Hair Loss or Baldness Normally, hair loss or baldness is known as a disorder, in which, there is an excessive hair loss or no new growth of hair on the scalp.There is no such age for this condition and anyone (men, women or even children) can face this issue at any point of life.However, such condition is typicallylinked with aging, but one should not be astonished if it happens as early as adolescence.Here, the key symptoms of hair loss are hair falling out, thinning or looking in large quantities in combs or on bed.

Causes of Hair Loss or Baldness

  • Intake of unhealthy foodstuffs and food cooked in mixed oil

  • Insanitary living situations

  • Excess intake of caffeine

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Physical and emotional stress

  • Burns, fever, and even depression

  • Chemotherapy and fallout therapies

  • Tumors of the ovaries or adrenal gland

  • Aging and genetic factors

Moreover, a major surgery can also cause suddenly lose a large amount of hair; however, it is connected to the anxiety of the illness and is temporary.Here, hormonal issue may also cause excessive hair loss.

Grey Hair and Its Causes

In present days, graying of hair is a common problem in younger age.At the base of hair, glands are extant that hold a pigment named melanin that is liable for conveying color to the hairs.Here, insufficient pigment existence in the hair follicles causes the grey hair.Graying hair in younger age makes people look old early. Here, the causes of premature grey hair are as follows:

  • Chemical pollution in air and water

  • Use of shampoos, conditioners, hair driers, and other synthetic hair products

  • Consuming packed foods and smoking

  • Decreased melanin pigment

  • Too much off anger and depression

  • Continuous exposure to hot sun

  • Excessive coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol consumption

  • Hormonal imbalance and hereditary factors

Ayurveda for Hair Loss and Grey Hair Treatment

According to Ayurvedicspecialists, hair fall and grey hair treatment is nearly connected to the body type the constancy of your mind-body structure as well.Ayurvedic cure considers the hair as a spin-off for bone establishment, where the tissues that are in charge for the development of bones are also liable for the hair growth. People with straight and find hair that tend towards blonde or red, their hair usuallychances into gray earlier. The hair loss and grey hair treatment is based on an effective blend of herbs, diet, meditation, and oil massage.

Our Ayurvedic hair oil is contains vitamin E that greatly prevents or slows down the hair loss, strengthens fragile hair, and assists to prevent the flaky & grey hair as well. Our other hair products are made of herbs like Neem and Aloe Vera that are considered most effective for naturally healthy, shiny, and long black hair.

Experts’ tips on how to control falling and greying hair:

  • Every morning, eat a handful of white sesame, as they contain adequate amounts of magnesium and calcium that are crucial for the growth of your hair.

  • Upsurge the consumption of curd, milk, salads, fruits, green leafy vegetables, and sprouts in your diet.

  • Consume sufficient proteins, soya beans, and milk, yeast, wheat germ, nuts.

  • Evade intake of Tea, Coffee, alcohol, Fried, oily, greasy, spicy, sour, and acidic foods.

  • Consume the foodstuffs that holdvitamin-B complex, vitamin C, sulphur, zinc, and essential fatty acids.

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