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Leucoderma Treatment in Ayurveda

Leuco meaning white and derma meaning skin, the skin disease leucoderma true to its meaning causes skin to lose its colour and go white leaving patches behind. It is a skin disease in which the skin loses its colour due to lack of melanin formation; the pigment responsible for colour of skin, eyes and hair. Leucoderma affects about 1.2% of the world’s population! As the actual cause of leucoderma is not known, different medicine practices have its own different way of treating it. We at Shri Kalyan Ayurvedashram, take the most trusted ancient-old 100% herbal Leucoderma Treatment in Ayurveda.


If you suffer from Leucoderma and tried your hands on every medicine practice available without any positive signs of suppressing it, it is about time you go for Ayurvedc treatment. Our AYurvedic practitioners at Shri Kalyan Ayurvedashram have done further research on the prescribed Ayurvedic treatment methods and concluded on the best plan of Leucoderma Treatment in Ayurveda for our patients.

We offer a different Leucoderma Treatment in Ayurveda for every patient. Unlike many other Ayurvedic treatment centres which tend to provide one single kind of treatment for the particular stereotype of ‘leucoderma patients’, we believe that every single individual have a different requirement and history and thus, our determination of treatment plan for the patients depend on their individual diagnosis. We take time to learn the detailed medical history of our patients, about their lifestyles and especially their food habits. It is then that we start our treatment with you.

Our Leucoderma Treatment in Ayurveda consists of any of the following, depending on our analysis. As you will come to understand, our treatment methods are aimed to cleanse the body, skin, blood and minds of the patients:

  • Internal Treatment- through herbal capsules of different types of extracts and concoctions and as well as mineral capsules.

  • External Treatment- by applying oils and herbal preparations on specifically targeted parts of the body in specific patterns.

  • Cleansing Treatment- by purifying the three main doshas of Ayurveda

  • The Panchkarma Therapy- the process involves detoxification of the body in five steps called as Vamana, Virechena, Basti, Nasya, Rakhta Moskshana.

Our Leucoderma Treatment in Ayurveda is followed up by prescribing some herbal medicines to treat the malfunctioning immune system along with a strict diet plan to follow which includes intake of medicinal juices for specified amount of time.

Many of you might have a doubt in mind that whether leucoderma is contagious? Well, the good news is it is not contagious rather it is believed to be a genetically transmitted disease. Treatment for leucoderma is difficult, it is not so because we do not know the cure, it is difficult because the healing depends on the time the body takes to response to the treatment. Some individual’s big patches take very less time to heal while some individuals with smaller patches take a long time to respond to the treatment. No matter what, it is our ultimate aim to provide you the best Leucoderma Treatment in Ayurveda.

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