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Thanks to Shri Kalyan for getting me rid of my problem of hair loss and saving me from embarrassment. The problem of baldness was troubling me for around 5 years and it istreated by Shri Kalyan Ayurvedasharam in just about 2-3 months.Amazingly it worked and now I can see the new hair on may scalp 3 feet away from the mirror. I am thrilled but excited to see more hair on my head!

I am Mohit and it was a couple of years back when I got to know that my father was suffering from the skin issue named Leucoderma. At that time one of our relatives recommended us to take treatment from Shri Kalyan Ayurvedasharam. Treatment from here helped my father tremendously and the issue of leucoderma is reduced by almost 80%. We are extremely thankful to ShriKalyan and our relative too…..

Hi, my name is Divya and my experience of the Ayurveda Psoriasis treatment from ShriKalyan was incredibly inspiring.The paybacks have been so substantial that they have inclined a modification to my lifestyle, diet and how I take care of myself in mind, physique and essence. Simply want to thank ShriKalyan.

This is Mahesh and I wasdistresswith Full Body Psoriasis since a long-time. I tried everything,then consulted the expert Ayurvedic physicians at ShriKalyan and went through complete Ayurveda curealong with diet and life style management under the same treatment. Within few months of my treatment, i found outstanding outcome. The scaling and itching that was irritating me has gone and my skin has turned back into normal again. I big thank goes to one & only Ayurveda experts @ ShriKalyan.

I came ShriKalyan for relaxing and going through the treatment for reducing my weight that was troubling me a lot. Each staff member is unexpectedly supportive and awesome.The friendly therapists give excellent treatment and during the cure program explain what they are doing. The Ayurvedic remedies and products are superbly effective and prove to be magical for me. Now, my friends & relatives don’t stop asking how I didthis. Thank you everyone at ShriKalyan…

It was about 12 years whenI was suffering from Bleeding Piles.Whenever I used to go toilet there was bleeding in the form of splash.Then on the advice of Mohan, one of my friends, I gotmost effective Ayurvedic treatment of this critical problem at ShriKalyan. Here, the experienced Ayurvedic physicians helped me a lot and cured me completely in about 20 days. Now, I am absolutelyfit and really thankful to them.

At ShriKalyan Ayurvedasharam, I found the most active cure to reduce obesity. If I talk about my general condition, it actually improved a lot. Now, the pain and stiffness are also reduced. Whenever it is possible I will come once more to make my treatment come to an end. Thank you ShriKalyan!

I am Megha and doing job in IT Company. It was many of times when I heard there is no permanent solution to Leucoderma. Don’t know how to say but it was so embarrassing for me and it was affecting my job as well. One day, when I read an advertisement about ShriKalyan in newspaperand at the same time I decided to approach it to get treated. Here, expert physicians treated me effectively helped me abolishing this issue forever. Now, I am doing well in both my personal & professional life.

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